Mission Statement

Our mission at TransLucent is to advocate for and promote the UK’s Transgender and Gender Diverse community in order to advance visibility, acceptance, legal recognition and healthcare.

We do this by:

  • Directly addressing misinformation and disinformation about our lives, experiences, rights and healthcare Investigating organisations & groups who are hostile to our community and existence.
  • Elevating the numerous and varied voices of our community, both groups and individuals, to increase visibility.
  • Fighting for improved legal recognition & healthcare

Our current active work includes:

Gender Recognition Act reform

Campaigning for a simpler and more accessible legal recognition system in the England & Wales via reform of the existing Gender Recognition Act towards a self declaration system that depathologises and destigmatises Transgender people, and includes both Non-Binary and Intersex people, and supporting our Scottish counterparts in the same activity.

Conversion Therapy

Inclusion of Trans & Non-Binary people in the proposed Conversion Therapy Ban.


Inclusion of Trans & Non-Binary people in Sport, including the rollback of recent blanket bans on trans inclusion

Monitoring Public Bodies

Monitoring the activities of multiple ‘independent’ UK public bodies, which have increasing become oppositional and damaging to our community. This includes the Equality & Human Rights Commission among several others.

NHS healthcare

Monitoring the activities of and working with the NHS to improve both access to, and provision of trans healthcare in the UK.

Media Misinformation

Investigating and monitoring trans hostile misinformation campaigns

Trans hostile extremism

Investigating & monitoring the links between trans hostile groups and individuals,  and how they intersect with the far right and religious extremist groups

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