Mission Statement

Our mission at TransLucent is to advocate for and promote the UK’s Transgender, Non-Binary and Gender Diverse community in order to advance visibility, acceptance, legal recognition and healthcare.

We do this by:

Our current active work includes :

  • Gender Recognition Act reform

    Campaigning for a simpler and more accessible legal recognition system in the England & Wales via reform of the existing Gender Recognition Act towards a self declaration system that depathologises and destigmatises Transgender people, and includes both Non-Binary and Intersex people, and supporting our Scottish counterparts in the same activity.

  • Conversion Therapy

    Inclusion of Trans & Non-Binary people in the proposed Conversion Therapy Ban

  • Sport

    Inclusion of Trans & Non-Binary people in Sport, including the rollback of recent blanket bans on trans inclusion

  • Monitoring Public Bodies

    Monitoring the activities of multiple 'independent' UK public bodies, which have increasing become oppositional and damaging to our community. This includes the Equality & Human Rights Commission among several others.

  • NHS healthcare

    Monitoring the activities of and working with the NHS to improve both access to, and provision of trans healthcare in the UK.

  • Media Misinformation

    Investigating and monitoring trans hostile misinformation campaigns

  • Trans hostile extremism

    Investigating & monitoring the links between trans hostile groups and individuals,  and how they intersect with the far right and religious extremist groups