About Us

TransLucent.Org.UK advocates for the transgender and gender-diverse community in the UK and was awarded the accolade of “LGBT Organisation of the Year” (National Diversity Awards 2022) before we rebranded and became a Community Interest Company (CIC) in November 2022.

We have been described by the Equality and Human Rights Commission as a “key stakeholder” for the trans community and have made three human rights submissions to the United Nations. In November 2023, we held our first London Conference just 100 metres from Parliament.

Our mission is simple.

We campaign for visibility, acceptance, legal recognition and healthcare for our community – countering the misinformation and lies told by transphobic/trans-hostile sources.

Our Patron

The Lord Cashman CBE- Patron of Translucent

Lord Michael Cashman CBE

he/him (cisgender)

Lord Cashman is a strong supporter of our mission to advocate for and promote the UK’s transgender and gender-diverse community so as to advance our visibility, acceptance, legal recognition and healthcare

The TransLucent Team

Navigating the path towards trans equality demands unwavering dedication. We are a team of diverse volunteers, collectively committed to championing equal rights and fostering a world of inclusivity. 

Profile picture of Steph

Steph Richards

 she/her (CEO – trans woman)

Steph is an intersectional feminist, the original founder of our organisation before we re-branded it to TransLucent, and is a full-time human rights activist for women and LGBT people. She has often appeared on national radio and TV and received an “Inspirational Woman of Portsmouth Award” in 2023″. 

Paul Levene with NDA Award

Paul Levene

he/him (Director – cisgender)

Paul has a trans daughter and is a world expert in trans people in sport. He has spoken on national radio several times and is often complimented for his clarity and professionalism. With a successful high-level management and business career, Paul often writes “debunking” articles for our website.

Claire with NDA2022 Award

Claire Prosho

she/her (Director – trans woman)

Claire has spoken on the radio many times and gives talks about being transgender, bringing tears to the audience when she did a TEDx talk in 2021. Claire specialises in detailed human rights submissions to international organisations and is an expert in trans healthcare. 

Nicola Petfield

Nicola Petfield

she/her (Director – trans woman)

Nicola has established experience in consumer legal cases as an expert witness at tribunal & brings those skills to human rights & feminism within the organisation. Nicola is our event’s organiser & finance coordinator. Reviewing & producing technical reports has given her the experience to debunk trans hostile articles and review legal cases.

Stephen Whittle

Prof. Stephen Whittle OBE, PhD, DLaws, FAcSS

he/him (Legal adviser – trans man)

Stephen Whittle, OBE, FAcSS is a legal scholar and activist with the transgender activist. Since 2007, he has been a Professor of Equalities Law in the School of Law at Manchester Metropolitan University. Between 2007 and 2009, he was president of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATHWPATH World Professional Association for Transgender Health https://www.wpath.org). 

Robin Moira White, Barrister

Robin Moira White, Barrister

she/her (Legal adviser – trans woman)

Robin specialises in Employment & Discrimination, HR Professional Support , Old Square Chambers, London, and is “the go-to lawyer for trans cases”.

Robin won the award for ‘Outstanding Contribution to Diversity and Inclusion’ at the Chambers UK Bar Awards 2022.

Julie MIller

Julie Miller

she/her (Hate crime specialist – gender fluid)

Julie is a professional presenter and public speaker, having learned her presentation skills in her 25-year army career, including at the RMA, Sandhurst, and Army Staff College. She is a member of the Wessex CPS Hate Crime Scrutiny panel and our hate crime representative on the True Vision IAG panel.
She is also the only transgender Governor of Hampshire Hospitals Foundation Trust

Dr Finn Mackay

Dr Finn Mackay


Senior Lecturer in Sociology. Author of “Radical Feminism: Activism in Movement” (Palgrave) and “Female Masculinities and the Gender Wars” (Bloomsbury). TEDX speaker. Media commentator. Transmasculine/Transgender Butch

Rob Cleary PHD

Rob Cleary PhD

he/him (cisgender)

With a background in psychology and following a thirty-year career in and around the NHS (most recently a lengthy period as Content Director for the NHS website), Rob has joined TransLucent to contribute research and analysis. Rob also leads our Cass review team 

Rachel Walters

Rachel Walters


Rachel is a trans woman, former civil servant and retired member of a Search and Rescue (SAR) team. She has interests in trans healthcare research and legal issues and is part of our investigative team. Rachel is also a member of her local Police Independent Advisory Group.

Katie Neeves​

Katie Neeves

she/her (Speaker, presenter & trans awareness trainer – trans woman)

Katie formed Cool2BTrans to support and inspire trans people and to educate others about trans people, using humour.  She’s regularly in the media and is a freelance BBC presenter, winning many awards including the British Diversity Awards Hero of the Year 2023. Katie was listed on the Global Diversity List 2023 as a Diversity Champion too.
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For security reasons, some of our team have to remain anonymous, so sadly, we can’t publish full details of their identity. However, “X” is an author with considerable expertise in prisons – in particular the female estate.  

Silhouette - Female



For security reasons, some of our team have to remain anonymous, so sadly, we can’t publish full details of their identity. However, “K” is an expert in domestic abuse. She is also a very proud Mum of a trans daughter.
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For security reasons, some of our team have to remain anonymous, so sadly, we can’t publish full details of their identity. However, “D” is a psychologist and formerly worked within the NHS.

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trans woman

For security reasons, some of our team have to remain anonymous, so sadly, we can’t publish full details of their identity. However, “S” is a Chartered Accountant with over 35 years of experience, including time as a partner in a top 20 firm, and now runs her own practice. 

Silhouette - Female


she/her, they/them

Is non-binary and a computer and website expert.