About Us

In late May 2020,  the Steph’s Place website was made ‘live’, in the hope it could bring to the British public’s attention the plight of transgender people.

It was mainly concerned about the 0.6% of us, who are trans, but also making room for transgender people in other countries who also suffer discrimination and sometimes persecution. At the time of launch, Steph the founder of this website could not have hoped that it would go on to see many thousands of visitors every week.

Steph’s Place changed in the spring/summer of 2021 to become a group of like-minded people and in November 2022 we re-branded as TransLucent CIC. 

The Editorial Team

The core editorial team includes Steph, Claire, Nicola, and Paul together with a team of content contributors and guest writers.

Steph Richards

Steph Richards

Director, Editor, Founder
(pronouns – she/her)

Steph loves writing, women and everything trans – detesting injustice, male violence, patriarchy, war, corruption, sexism, discrimination, homophobia and just about everything else that is ‘wrong’ in society today.
Claire Prosho

Claire Prosho

Director, Co-Editor
(pronouns – she/her)

Claire is now almost exclusively on the “binary” female side. She is currently on the waiting list for a GIC, trying to get a local LGBT group started, and also runs a micro-enterprise that raises awareness of transgender lives and issues through workshops and talks. Claire is our lead investigative journalist.
Nicola Petfield

Nicola Petfield

Director, Co-Editor, Investigations
(pronouns – she/her)

Nicola identifies as trans to herself and online. Trans lives matter and we are all on this planet to live life to the full and basically get along with each other. The bigotry has to change. Nicola specialises in general trans issues and also works within the investigative team.
Paul Levene

Paul Levene

Director, Co-Editor, Sport & Investigations
(pronouns he/him)

Paul joins us offering his understanding and perspective as a cisgender father of an adult trans daughter. Paul tends to specialise in de-bunking press articles and topics – he is also an expert on trans folk in sport.

Why this website was created

For over the past three years or so, transphobic groups have been formed and given considerable media coverage. Often these groups say they are women’s or biological groups – but the truth is their real aim is to disguise transphobia under a convenient cloak.

Transphobia – the true definition of this word, “transphobia” is – “the dislike or prejudice of a transgender person.“

And to counter these transphobic groups, an everyday person in the street may think our government would protect us. Trans people – a small, vulnerable group of people, many of who suffer mental health issues because trans healthcare in the UK is in disarray – that waiting times to see specialists can be as long as six years.

But the UK government does not help.

Lobbied by right-wing extremists, the transphobic groups, even alleged “Christian” organisations from the United States, trans people are left by our government isolated and alone.

Without a voice.

Our joint aim, though, is to raise the trans voice.

To continue to increase awareness and acceptance in society of trans people – and to eventually form an organisation to counter the transphobic groups that seek to erase our voice and, in some cases, our very being.

We have a plan.

Paul Levene, Steph Richards, Claire Proscho and Nicola Petfield.
Company Directors TransLucent CIC