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(Pronouns - he/him) – Paul joins us offering his understanding and perspective as a cisgender father of an adult trans daughter. You can read about Paul’s experience of a trans parents journey of discovery in the article he posted on this website: For the four years since his daughter revealed her true identity, Paul has learnt first-hand the reality of being trans plus witnessed the lies that are spread on social media and in our national media and decided that there had to be a place for those within the community to feel safe and supported by like-minded allies. Steph’s Place will help to provide this. Paul tends to specialise in de-bunking press articles and topics - he is also an expert on trans folk in sport.

Is JK Rowling guilty of transphobia

Is JK Rowling guilty of transphobia?  An opinion article from one of our directors.   Celebrities are very powerful and highly influential to their unquestionably loyal and faithful followers. What they say and do is important to their fans.

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Hope 3

Martin Luther King, Jr. said “When you have lost hope, you have lost everything. And when you think all is lost, when all is dire and bleak, there is always hope. We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.” When everything around you is crumbling, hope is vital. It’s what we need to cling on to. And this is why Labour really need to rethink carefully about their message currently being delivered to the trans community, and the real harm being inflicted, no matter how unintentional, on the most marginalised and targeted minority in the UK today. This…

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UK Cycling Time Trials (CTT) have updated their Transgender Policy, with Regulation 10 being officially amended on 14 June 2023. Their decision, whether intentional or not, is to exclude trans women from competing in their events whilst trying to appear inclusive, and therefore on the right side of the law. But they are most certainly not. But another problem when you pursue a path that is never based in truth or reality (and as a result has to manufacture ways to impose its aims), is that the destructive net you cast can often have a far wider reach, and there…

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Gender Wars

Opinion by Paul Last week Channel 4 had an opportunity to help convey some much needed truth and honesty to a largely uninformed public regarding the minefield that is the so-called ‘Gender debate’, but they failed miserably. The sad reality is that rather than the fair, balanced representation they had promised to those trans and non-binary who had agreed in good faith to participate, the producers chose to turn this into the Kathleen Stock show, and without their knowledge. The very fact that Stock’s image is used to promote the show whilst calling it ‘Gender Wars’ frames the very nature…

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Lennon 2

John Lennon famously sang ‘Imagine’ – given all the pain and suffering he saw around the world caused by man attacking fellow man, his clear and heartfelt plea was to ‘Imagine’ a world full of peace and harmony – a world where we all lived together and no one cared about skin colour, religious beliefs or any other kind of difference that made up this wonderful, wide tapestry of human life – he truly dreamt and stood up proudly for of a world of love and equality.  But on that fatal evening in New York on 8th December 1980, John…

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We are all still reeling from the news that the Government decided to block the GRA Reform Bill in Scotland.  So it is important to take a look at exactly what GRA Reform means plus what it actually allows to understand the level of misinformation that has been maliciously spread regarding the TRUE impact of the Bill. So let’s begin by acknowledging that none of the objections raised in Scotland claim to be about Trans Women, but rather the opportunity for ‘predatory cisgender men’ to abuse the process and increasing the danger to cisgender women, plus endless talk about how this would impact on…

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