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UK Election 2024

An Open Letter to UK General Election 2024 Candidates

29th May 2024

Dear Candidate

As we look through the history books and at cultures worldwide, we find transgender and gender-diverse people have been part of the rich tapestry of life through the ages.

Human diversity is a natural part of our lives and has brought rich benefits to society.

In this election campaign, we ask for your kindness and balance in avoiding divisive gender politics.

As you will all realise, gender is now the frontline in a so-called culture war.

In just a few years, a few determined politicians, sections of the media and lobby groups have succeeded through exaggeration and deliberate misrepresentation to make it an increasingly hostile environment for trans and gender-diverse people. Our participation, societal safety, healthcare provision and well-being are now under threat.

What has been and is happening towards our community is unfair, disproportionate, intolerant, uncompassionate, and unjustified.

A core part of our British values is our freedoms and the laws and treaties that underpin them. This would include the Equality Act, established Statutory Codes of Practice, and our broader international treaty and protocol obligations within the current corpus of global human rights law that support our participation in a society free from discrimination.

The most fundamental freedom is our desire to be our true selves.
Trans and gender-diverse people don’t wish to live in a hostile environment or be pawns in a culture war.

We are not an ideology.

We are human beings who deserve to live free and equal, be treated with respect and dignity, live in harmony with others, and be valued for the diversity we contribute to society.

Sadly, many of us are so anxious about what is happening that we live in fear.

Many of us are very vulnerable at this time; mental health has worsened, and suicides have increased. No one should have to be brave just to be themselves.

We now seek your help to remember we are people, young and old. We have families, we have friends, we have jobs, we run businesses, we are scientists, we are academics and teachers.

We contribute to society, and most of all, we, like other citizens, deserve to be treated with respect and dignity.

We don’t think that it is much to ask.

Thank you.
Translucent LGBT Organisation of the Year (National Diversity Awards 2022)

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