We campaign for visibility, acceptance, legal recognition and healthcare for the UK’s Transgender and Gender Diverse community.


TransLucent Parkrun Statement Feb 2024

TransLucent.org roundly condemns the ongoing Gender Critical attempts to create an invented problem for Parkrun, which is a charity organisation whose aim is simply to improve people’s health and has never been promoted as a competitive sport. It’s a fun run.




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Our findings after raising 102 Freedom of Information Requests to NHS Foundation Trusts.  Previous Next A few examples of the FOI requests that were sent out.When anyone is referred to a hospital, they expect to be treated with respect, privacy and decency; obviously, many women prefer female doctors, nurses and…


Culture War - The Elimination of Transgender People

Culture War – The Elimination of Transgender People If you asked most people in the UK what a culture war was, they would not have the faintest idea – yet ‘culture war’ is a phrase used regularly by our media, particularly concerning the boat and trans people – real human…



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We will not be silent while human rights
are being eroded by bigotry and hatred.

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