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Reply To Labour List, Labour Together and Ellie Cumbo

Reply To Labour List, Labour Together and Ellie Cumbo On the 14th of September, Labourlist.Org published an article by Ellie Cumbo from the Labour Together group that says they are “policy experts, political strategists and pollsters drawn from politics, academia, business and civil society”. Ms Cumbo’s article is in response to the rollback of the Labour Party’s position concerning trans people being able to change legal gender by a method referred to as “Self-ID”. We need to be clear here. When trans people refer to “Self-ID”, we mean the adoption of the “gold standard” of changing legal gender. It is…

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TransLucent: Can people change sex? Bard replied.  Yes, people can change sex. Gender transition is the process of changing one’s sex characteristics to match one’s gender identity. This can involve medical interventions, such as hormone therapy and surgery, as well as social and legal changes, such as changing one’s name and gender marker. There are many different ways to transition, and the best approach for each person will vary. Some people may choose to undergo all of the medical interventions available, while others may only want to make some changes. There is no right or wrong way to transition, and the…

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@Andrewdoyle_com is the Twitter account of Andrew Doyle, a 44-year-old playwright, journalist, and political satirist from Derry in Northern Ireland. He studied English at Wadham College, Oxford, and then worked as a teacher. In 2019, he published a book about free speech titled ‘Free Speech and Why It Matters’. Google’s Bard told us this: “Andrew Doyle is best known for creating the satirical Twitter character Titania McGrath, a self-proclaimed “intersectional activist” and “wokester”. Doyle hosts a weekly show titled Free Speech Nation on GB News. The show discusses various topics related to free speech, including censorship, cancel culture, and political…

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Dark forces are at work – not content to allow trans people to live their lives as their authentic selves; there is a global movement that wants society to believe that many trans folks are unhappy and then detransition. That movement is the gender-critical movement that allies with the right-wing media to enforce the binary and suggest that being trans is a ‘fad’ or a ‘figment’ of trans people’s minds.   But trans people do exist, and in the UK, one in every two hundred people are trans and many transition to the opposite sex – with virtually everyone finding true…

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The trans-hostile organisation Sex Matters.Org has been accused of being associated with “terrorism and hate” after having its website blocked by Swedish company Icomera acting on behalf of Great Western Railways. Icomera provides integrated connectivity solutions for trains, trams, buses, and coaches. They are the world’s leading provider of these solutions, serving millions of passengers and tens of thousands of vehicles daily. Sex Matters claim they are a “human-rights organisation”, but this is disputed by many LGBT+ people who say they are seeking to reduce the human rights of trans people by making changes to the Equality Act 2010. Sex…

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Yesterday, Labour’s Shadow Women & Equalities spokesperson Anneliese Dodds wrote in The Guardian about Labour’s plans to reform the Gender Recognition Act. This article was accompanied by a twitter thread from Dodds expanding on some of the details of these ‘reforms’. What Dodds and Labour propose falls far short of both internationally accepted best practice and basic human rights, and represent little more than rewording aspects of the existing Gender Recognition Act 2004 to provide the appearance of reform. Both in her article and twitter thread Dodds gets much incorrect, including using medical terminology that is out of date, while…

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Emma Hilton Tweet 700 x 650

The least you would expect from scientists associated with a university is to be respectful to other human beings. Sadly that doesn’t appear to be the case with Emma Hilton, PhD. We asked Bing Chat AI, “Does Emma Hilton of the University of Manchester lecture?  The reply:- “I couldn’t find any information on whether Emma Hilton of the University of Manchester lectures. However, I found her profile on the University of Manchester website. She is a research associate in the Division of Immunology, Immunity to Infection and Respiratory Medicine. She has published several articles on various topics such as diabetes mellitus,…

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The Sun IL Portico

On July 6th, 2023, The Sun published an article titled, “Sick trans activists smashed up restaurant just because JK Rowling attended a Ukraine charity event there”. However, look deeper into this story, and there are serious flaws.     The reason?      Perhaps look no further than the story’s author, trans-hostile Gender Critical (GC) journalist Julie Bindel?   Wikipedia describes the GC movement as:   “Gender-critical feminism, also known as trans-exclusionary radical feminism or its acronym TERF, is an ideology or movement that opposes what it refers to as “gender ideology”, the concept of gender identity and transgender rights.”   “These views have…

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