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A team of authors with a mission to advocate for and promote the UK’s Transgender and Gender Diverse community in order to advance visibility, acceptance, legal recognition and healthcare.

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Online Hate Against Trans Women: A Condemnation Statement. Trans people wish to live as their true selves, free from persecution, prejudice and discrimination. Accordingly, we condemn in the strongest possible terms the ongoing personal attacks against trans women by gender-critical “celebrities,” organisations, right-wing media and their supporters, purely because these people are openly transgender.  On April 1st 2024, a new law called the ‘Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Act’ was enacted to protect people in society with protected characteristic status from hate. Most reasonable people believe this is a positive step forward.  However, those who wish to propagate their…

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TransLucent Parkrun Statement Feb 2024 roundly condemns the ongoing Gender Critical attempts to create an invented problem for Parkrun, which is a charity organisation whose aim is simply to improve people’s health and has never been promoted as a competitive sport. It’s a fun run.

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Reply To Labour List, Labour Together and Ellie Cumbo

Reply To Labour List, Labour Together and Ellie Cumbo On the 14th of September, Labourlist.Org published an article by Ellie Cumbo from the Labour Together group that says they are “policy experts, political strategists and pollsters drawn from politics, academia, business and civil society”. Ms Cumbo’s article is in response to the rollback of the Labour Party’s position concerning trans people being able to change legal gender by a method referred to as “Self-ID”. We need to be clear here. When trans people refer to “Self-ID”, we mean the adoption of the “gold standard” of changing legal gender. It is…

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TransLucent: Can people change sex? Bard replied.  Yes, people can change sex. Gender transition is the process of changing one’s sex characteristics to match one’s gender identity. This can involve medical interventions, such as hormone therapy and surgery, as well as social and legal changes, such as changing one’s name and gender marker. There are many different ways to transition, and the best approach for each person will vary. Some people may choose to undergo all of the medical interventions available, while others may only want to make some changes. There is no right or wrong way to transition, and the…

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