Author: Robin Moira White

Robin Moira White - Hate has had it's day

Hate has had its day. The Conservative party has marked its territory as the party of anti-LBGT (particularly T) hatred but is now a year away from a General Election and, in some polls, flat-lining at less than 20% support.  Right-wing propaganda rags such as ‘Spiked’ platform anti-trans commentators such as Jo Bartosch, who opened her most recent hit piece describing trans people:‘…who, occasionally, might have to deal with funny looks, being misgendered or one hell of a bollock-rub when wearing tights designed for women.’ Such cartoon unpleasantness is one of the reasons that the UK has, in a few…

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A brief career with GBNews

A brief career with GBNews I have been wondering about writing this piece for a week or two, but it seems to have become more urgent in the past day or so after the domino suspensions (departures?) of Fox, Wootton and Robinson, and entry, stage left of GBNews Angelos Frangopoulos, pursued by the bear’ of OfCom. Readers will know that I am a barrister and, a little over a decade ago, became Britain’s first trans discrimination barrister by swapping ‘Mr’ for ‘Ms’. I have appeared in some ground-breaking and law-making trans cases and am joint author of the only specialist…

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