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(Pronouns - she/her) - Steph Richards is a 71-year-old 'post-op' trans woman with an "F" Passport, Driving Licence & Gender Recognition Certificate and is an international speaker for trans rights. She broke new ground speaking at a University of New England USA event alongside Harvard biologist Carole Hooven, PhD in March 2023, and also spoke at the vigil for murdered trans teenager, Brianna Ghey at a packed Portsmouth Cathedral. Steph was the recipient of the 'Elder Award' in the Inspirational Women of Portsmouth Awards 2023 - she has also spoken live on BBC Radio 4, for one hour with an audience of circa 600,000 people twice, once in June 2022 and again in February 2023. Steph has also been platformed by LBCs Nick Ferrari in July 2023 which resulted in Aaron Bastani describing Steph's performance as a "masterclass". Steph was the original founder of 'Steph's Place UK' (now TransLucent), winning the LGBT+ Organisation of the Year Award in 2022 and is also an Officer in her local Labour Party. Steph enjoys writing, walking and eating cakes.

Sharron Davies Saving Women's Sport

Sharron Davies Saving Women’s Sport – Opinion. Sharron Davies MBE (born 1962) is an English former competitive swimmer who represented Great Britain in the Olympics and European championships and competed for England in the Commonwealth Games. More recently, she has led a campaign to “save women’s sport.” Save womens sport from what? Trans women. At first sight, that may seem highly admirable if women’s sport was genuinely threatened, but look more closely, and big cracks appear. In June 2022, World Aquatics (formerly FINA) announced that trans women were banned from competing with cisgender females. “Hoorah!” shouts Sharron Davies and her…

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Jill Foster Free Lance Journalist and Transphobia

Jill Foster Free Lance Journalist and Transphobia Recently, Katie Neeves, a trans woman from Leicestershire, won the East Midlands Outstanding Female LGBTQIA+ Champion 2023 at their Women’s Award ceremony. Now the clue is in the “LGBTQIA+” – someone from within the LGBT+ community would win the award, albeit the “G” was likely not to be a contender. Nor was a trans man – they qualify for men’s awards. Trans men like the pictured Patricio Manuel, a professional boxer based in the United States. In short, in society, trans women and trans men swap places. According to the last census, our…

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Culture War - The Elimination of Transgender People

Culture War – The Elimination of Transgender People If you asked most people in the UK what a culture war was, they would not have the faintest idea – yet ‘culture war’ is a phrase used regularly by our media, particularly concerning the boat and trans people – real human beings invariably without a voice.

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Suzanne Moore - Telegraph - Keir Starmer - Labour policy change concerning Gender Recognition Act reform

Why do Journalists Wrongly Conflate The Equality Act with The Gender Recognition Act In The Single Sex Spaces Trans Debate? On the 29th of July, at precisely 9:00 am, the Telegraph published an article titled “Sir Keir Starmer has changed his trans self ID stance – but he needs his MPs to follow”. The article authored by Suzanne Moore consists of “calling out” many trans-supporting Labour MPs after their policy change concerning Gender Recognition Act reform. Ok, fair enough so far – but then Suzanne Moore writes this: “Poll after poll show most people – and especially women – are…

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Poster on pole saying Every Human Has Rights

The move by national and international sports federations to so-called ‘open’ categories is the latest trend in global transphobia. Portrayed to be “inclusive” in reality, it amounts to a ban for testosterone-suppressed trans women who wish to participate in meaningful sports competitions. Organisations adopting an open transgender sports policy include Swim England, World Swimming (formerly FINA), British Cycling, Union Cycliste Internationale, British Triathlon, UK Athletics, World Athletics and several others. For decades trans women athletes globally have won very little in the female category of sport, but because of the relentless persecution of trans women by gender-critical groups such as…

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Twitter has been accused of being an echo chamber of hate, and indeed some posts border on the weird, cruel or damn right hateful. As a platform, at least before the new owner Elon Musk took over, there was a feeble attempt to protect trans people from threats, abuse and misgendering… sadly those ambitions are now gone. This week we saw Helen Joyce (left of picture) writing a cruel Twitter thread about how (in her opinion) trans women didn’t “pass” – what Helen doesn’t realise is the public doesn’t care one iota. I certainly have friends who don’t pass, but…

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Tuesday 4th of April – sixteen minutes after 2:00 PM and in pops a “message” in my mailbox from Marcial Boo, Chief Executive of the Equality and Human Rights Commission.  Farcical.  In a classic move by Kemi Badenoch – she, who “reigns” over “Equality”, succeeded in creating a problem when one doesn’t exist. And unsurprisingly, the EHRC, with a board loaded by her government with like-minded people, duly obliged.  Ms Badenoch has decided that there is a need to define “sex” to operate the Equality Act 2010 effectively. This, too, is farcical because the “need” can’t be established – the…

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To declare a bias, I’m not exactly fond of Dr Jon Pike, who judging by his Twitter feed, has just one hobby – being hostile to trans women. I suspect Jon is not that keen on me, either. Jon has a specific interest in “saving women’s sports” and often aligns in this issue with some people who may be considered transphobic, meaning discriminatory against trans people – specifically trans women. The “saving women’s sports” trope suggests that hordes of trans women have, can or will dominate women’s sports is wearing thin these days – indeed, we can look back over…

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Scrabble letters making the word feminist

At nearly seventy-one years of age, one dont expect to be jetted around the world talking about trans and women’s human rights, but earlier this month, that is exactly what happened to me. It was a week my body won’t forget. Friday, 3rd of March, a flight to the USA, returning overnight, arriving at Heathrow early Wednesday morning with just five hours of sleep over two long days. No time to unpack; it was International Womens Day. I was in the house for less than ten minutes before leaving so to attend a Portsmouth Labour women’s event to celebrate IWD…

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