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(Pronouns - she/her) - Steph Richards Steph, a 71-year-old 'post-op' trans woman with a Gender Recognition Certificate and works as a human rights activist. She is the Women's and LGBT Officer at Portsmouth Labour Party, CEO of Translucent.Org.UK, winner of the LGBT Organisation of the Year at the National Diversity Awards in 2022 and was appointed CEO of Endometriosis South Coast in November 2023. She has been platformed live on BBC Radio 4 three times, including Women's Hour. She has also appeared on LBC radio and Channel 4 News and debated at an American university event alongside Harvard biologist and author Carole Hooven, PhD. Steph is an intersectional feminist and is passionate about the inclusion and acceptance of trans people in society. She advocates for women in prison, specifically pregnant women and calls out the mounting concern that abortion rights are at risk in the UK. She is also calls out the inequality of women in society, in government, the workplace and in particular issues surrounding women’s healthcare. She was the recipient of an Inspirational Women of Portsmouth Award in 2023 and you can hear her acceptance speech by following this link:

April Patricio

Women Are Socially Constructed. Though we are all human at birth, what does being a woman (or a man) mean? This blog explores the hypothesis that, despite their seeming naturalness, society may significantly influence these categories more than biology. The Performance of Gender: According to social constructionism, gender encompasses more than just biological sex (male or female); it also refers to the roles, practices, and social expectations that society assigns. As Simone de Beauvoir stated, these concepts are acquired, not born. Often quoted in gender studies, her exact words were, “One is not born, but becomes a woman”  If nurturing…

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EHRC and GANHRI - A Statement

EHRC and GANHRI – A Statement On February 28, 2024, TransLucent.Org.UK was scheduled to meet Baroness Kishwer Falkner, the chairwoman of the EHRC, and two EHRC commissioners. However, on February 26th 2024, we learnt that Baroness Falkner could no longer attend, and we were subsequently told that while a meeting could go ahead, no commissioners would be present. Given the circumstances, we decided to postpone the meeting as we believe it important that commissioners would be present to engage in open and respectful discussion.  We intended to give a position statement at the meeting, but as that did not go…

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The Translucent team accept the prestigious Community Organisation LGBT award at the 2022 National Diversity Awards (NDA2022)

Unherd:  NHS puberty-blocker ruling will save lives debunked. Content warning – suicide. On March 13, 2024, the right-wing website Unherd published an article authored by Victoria Smith with the headline “NHS puberty-blocker ruling will save lives”. “In my opinion, the headline is irresponsible and is one of the most misleading articles I have ever read. Indeed, the question should be asked if it is deliberate misinformation?  It’s important to note that Sir Paul Marshall, a prominent figure in the media, owns and publishes Unherd. He has also invested in another right-wing rag, GB News. Tim Montgomerie, a conservative British political…

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Poster on pole saying Every Human Has Rights

Kemi Badenoch, Prejudice and Conservative Lies.  Kemi Badenoch stated when recently giving evidence to the Women’s and Equalities Select Committee that predators are exploiting trans rights and accessing single-sex spaces. She said: “Predators have started exploiting the loopholes. It is the behaviour of people who are choosing to exploit rights given to transgender people, because the definition is very loose, that we are now having to look at what we can do in order to protect women and children who are the most vulnerable in those single-sex spaces. “I have to be clear that I’m not saying that transgender people are…

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Sharron Davies Saving Women's Sport

Sharron Davies Saving Women’s Sport – Opinion. Sharron Davies MBE (born 1962) is an English former competitive swimmer who represented Great Britain in the Olympics and European championships and competed for England in the Commonwealth Games. More recently, she has led a campaign to “save women’s sport.” Save womens sport from what? Trans women. At first sight, that may seem highly admirable if women’s sport was genuinely threatened, but look more closely, and big cracks appear. In June 2022, World Aquatics (formerly FINA) announced that trans women were banned from competing with cisgender females. “Hoorah!” shouts Sharron Davies and her…

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Jill Foster Free Lance Journalist and Transphobia

Jill Foster Free Lance Journalist and Transphobia Recently, Katie Neeves, a trans woman from Leicestershire, won the East Midlands Outstanding Female LGBTQIA+ Champion 2023 at their Women’s Award ceremony. Now the clue is in the “LGBTQIA+” – someone from within the LGBT+ community would win the award, albeit the “G” was likely not to be a contender. Nor was a trans man – they qualify for men’s awards. Trans men like the pictured Patricio Manuel, a professional boxer based in the United States. In short, in society, trans women and trans men swap places. According to the last census, our…

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Culture War - The Elimination of Transgender People

Culture War – The Elimination of Transgender People If you asked most people in the UK what a culture war was, they would not have the faintest idea – yet ‘culture war’ is a phrase used regularly by our media, particularly concerning the boat and trans people – real human beings invariably without a voice.

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Suzanne Moore - Telegraph - Keir Starmer - Labour policy change concerning Gender Recognition Act reform

Why do Journalists Wrongly Conflate The Equality Act with The Gender Recognition Act In The Single Sex Spaces Trans Debate? On the 29th of July, at precisely 9:00 am, the Telegraph published an article titled “Sir Keir Starmer has changed his trans self ID stance – but he needs his MPs to follow”. The article authored by Suzanne Moore consists of “calling out” many trans-supporting Labour MPs after their policy change concerning Gender Recognition Act reform. Ok, fair enough so far – but then Suzanne Moore writes this: “Poll after poll show most people – and especially women – are…

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