Author: Rob

Rob Cleary PHD

With a background in psychology, and following a thirty year career in and around the NHS (most recently a lengthy period as Content Director for the NHS website), Rob has joined TransLucent to contribute research and analysis.

Ruuska-et-als-2024–Debunked_Gender dysphoria is not like sunshine: Finnish analysis of suicide risk is seriously flawed

An eye-catching conclusion Ruuska et al’s (2024) paper in BMJ Mental Health compares two groups of young people in Finland.1 The ‘gender dysphoria’ (GD) group comprises more than 2,000 people under 23 who had been referred to one or other of the country’s gender identity clinics. An even larger ‘control group’ (matched to the GD group in terms of age and birthplace) is used to compare the outcomes experienced by the GD group with those seen in the general population. The outcome of particular interest to Ruuska et al is suicide, and an initial comparison of the two groups shows…

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