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(Pronouns - she/her) - Steph Richards Steph, a 71-year-old 'post-op' trans woman with a Gender Recognition Certificate and works as a human rights activist. She is the Women's and LGBT Officer at Portsmouth Labour Party, CEO of Translucent.Org.UK, winner of the LGBT Organisation of the Year at the National Diversity Awards in 2022 and was appointed CEO of Endometriosis South Coast in November 2023. She has been platformed live on BBC Radio 4 three times, including Women's Hour. She has also appeared on LBC radio and Channel 4 News and debated at an American university event alongside Harvard biologist and author Carole Hooven, PhD. Steph is an intersectional feminist and is passionate about the inclusion and acceptance of trans people in society. She advocates for women in prison, specifically pregnant women and calls out the mounting concern that abortion rights are at risk in the UK. She is also calls out the inequality of women in society, in government, the workplace and in particular issues surrounding women’s healthcare. She was the recipient of an Inspirational Women of Portsmouth Award in 2023 and you can hear her acceptance speech by following this link: