Author: Nicola

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Nicola (Pronouns - she/her or they/them) - Nicola identifies as trans to herself and online but presents as Gender fluid. Having ‘felt different’ most of her life, Nicola started acting more and more on those feelings over the last five years or so (yes a bit late in the day – like many). After having ‘been discovered’ at home (2019), that has led to a lot of soul searching and much counselling. Having become much more feminine in appearance over that time, Nicola is now more visible. This Her daily presentation takes a more Gender-fluid style to give a smoother transition for work and home life. None of that takes away from her desire to see trans, genderfluid and non-binary people’s lives improve and have a much better press that is currently the case. Trans lives matter and we are all on this planet to live life to the full and basically get along with each other. It’s just some don’t want that. That bigotry has to change.