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A team of authors with a mission to advocate for and promote the UK’s Transgender, Non-Binary and Gender Diverse community in order to advance visibility, acceptance, legal recognition and healthcare.

Post No Hate poster

The Alliance Defending Freedom, The Heritage Foundation and Promise to America’s Children – are all organisations that, on the face of it, suggest honesty, decency and respect. On the face of it… let’s dig much deeper. In fact, on some issues, these three organisations work very closely together to promote a trans hostile environment.The Promise to America Children says this in regard to their “promises”.  In reality, step one of their promises is to deny trans kids proper WPATH based healthcare …and steps two and three are designed to make trans kids’ lives as difficult and exclusionary as possible.  The Alliance Defending Freedom…

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Kirsty Miller

It was a Saturday morning, and at last, I was to zoom with Kirsti Miller. Circumstances had forced a postponement on two previous occasions, and once Kirsti arrived for our Zoom meeting a day too early! But we both knew it was going to happen, and we were both excited. Kirsti has a story to tell – and oh my goodness… what a story!

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